About us

For over 40 years, Kuddy Cosmetics has been a leading name in the beauty and makeup industry in Nigeria with an availability of over 20,000 skincare and makeup products on shelves in 15 locations in Nigeria. All products are carefully selected to meet the various needs and requirements of all our consumers.

In addition to retail and distribution channel management, Kuddy Cosmetics is especially proud of our proficiency in manufacturing an assortment of cosmetics products delicately created by teams of skincare experts to suit a diversity of skin shades and colors. All our cosmetics are fashioned according to international standards to provide texture and tones of great consistency, quality, and value to cosmetics consumers across the nation.

We don’t just follow trends; we employ our decades of expertise to create infinite choices with the singular intention to help consumers play up their uniqueness in ways that emphasize physical beauty and, increase self-esteem.
We believe that by equipping people with the best tools to solve their own problems we can tackle the whole world’s problems

Nigeria's Top Beauty Supply brand. Catering to Women of Color & Vast skin types. Exclusive Distributor to Top Brands. + BlackOpalNigeria

Company Brief

Kuddy Cosmetics was founded over 40 years ago by Mrs. Kudirat Olayinka Fashola. She had a vision to supply products that encouraged men and women of all skin types to embrace the uniqueness of their skin while improving its texture. After thorough research, she partnered with brands who shared the same vision. Since then, Kuddy Cosmetics has successfully provided various skincare and haircare products in 15 locations across Nigeria from world class brands like Ecoco and, Black Opal.

Our Products

After years of distribution in the cosmetics industry, Kuddy Cosmetics decided to employ the decades of experience and create an assortment of cosmetics products with the skills of a team of beauty and skin experts. Our personal brands of skincare, haircare, body was and makeup products are manufactured, according to international standards, in the USA, Pakistan, China and Canada under the careful supervision of our experts.

Our Stores

Kuddy Cosmetics is a place where men and women of all skin types can find the most effective products that perfectly suit them. Our Beauty Experts are well equipped to provide our clients with the best recommendations for their skin and hair types. We currently have 15 physical locations and counting.