BIOLEE Acnepris Blemish Healing Toner 150ml


      BIOLEE ACNÉPRIS BLEMISH HEALING TONER 150ml Natural pine pollen extract reduces ACNE pH balancing Cool, refreshing and oil-free Hydrates and revitalises skin Calms and soothes irritated skin

      • BIOLEE ACNÉPRIS BLEMISH HEALING TONER is a moisturizing, low Irritation toner that provides enough moisture and clears up skin texture for troubled skin.
      • Strengthen Moisturizing Care -With hyaluronic acid that accumulates more than 1,000 moisture than its weight, clears up troubled skin that gets easily dried.
      • NATURAL ORGANIC Ingredients help with relaxation of troubled skin.
      • Extract of pine pollen: Suppress the growth of Propioni bacterium acnes (acne germ) and shows comedonal reduction effect including excellent anti-bacterial effect that helps with improvement of troubled skin.
      • Extract of rose of china: smoothly clears up dead skin cells assist with brightening and relaxation of troubled skin.

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