Clarins Chemistry Ultrex-50 Super Lightening Lotion – Expert White


Enriched with anti-ageing and sunscreen.
> Firms skin.
> Powerful Anti-Ageing lotion
> Powerful Sunscreen Protection
> Clear dark patches.
> Lightens & smoothens.
> 24 hours moisturization.
> Enriched with natural extracts.
> Contains essential vitamins.
> Suitable for all skin types.

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Ultrex-50 Super Lightening Lotion Clarins Chemistry Ultrex-50 Super Lightening Lotion combines SPF 30+, Alpha Hydroxyl Acid(AHA) and Vitamin B3 together with the multiple natural skin lightening ingredients found in Ultra-Tone (Mulberry Extract, Bear berry Extract, Kojic Acid and Alpa Arbutin) to completely change the way you look and feel because it rapidly brightens up complexion and tones the skin naturally without side effect.It increases skin elasticity to prevent stretch marks and eliminate facial contour, uneven skin tone, deep wrinkles, fine lines, acne, pimples, black patches, dark eye circles, sun burns, chemical burns and skin discoloration.Enriched with anti-ageing and sunscreen.Firms skin.Clears dark patches.Lightens & smoothness hours miniaturization. Enriched with natural extracts.Contains essential vitamins.Suitable for all skin types.Directions: Apply to clean skin twice daily (morning & night) Desired results are achieved with consistent use of this product. 300ml




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