Laiou Yan Beauty Massage Oil


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Laiou Yan Beauty Massage Oil

Massage Oil Laiou Yan Beauty Whitening Moisturising Skin Coconut
✓Coconut oil helps to control the formation of wrinkles. When applied to the skin, forms a layer that protects against air, external dust, bacteria and viruses.
✓Creates a stable protective layer, promotes an even and beautiful tan. Coconut oil is successfully used in its pure form before and after sunbathing.
✓Helps to keep nails healthy, creates a protective layer, maintains firmness. The oil regenerates, protects and nourishes the skin after epilation and shaving. Makes it smoother, does not leave greasy marks.
✓It significantly reduces protein loss during washing. A layer of oil on the hair protects the fibers from swelling, as well as damage during drying with a towel and brushing – promotes growth, strengthens hair, relieves dandruff, and restores hair. Prevents hair loss.


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