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      The Radiant Glow  Botanical Brightening Lotion is a fast-absorbing moisturizer that penetrates into the skin leaving it soft but with no oily residue. A complex of natural ingredients, including vitamins B and C, work to gradually brighten and illuminate the complexion. Natural fruit extracts, including bearberry and alpha hydroxy acids even out skin tone, minimizing discoloration.

      The non-irritating formula, free from toxic chemicals, is suitable for all skin types. Use daily for brighter, younger-looking skin. For best results, prepare the skin by cleansing with our Brightening Cleansing Bar.

      **Powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredients target and minimize the appearance of blemishes, whether caused by acne, ingrown hairs or insect bites.

      **Carefully selected plant extracts target hyperpigmentation, helping to fade dark spots caused by ageing, sun exposure or hormonal imbalance.

      **Other plant ingredients help to protect the epidermis from the sun’s radiation, accelerating the brightening process for a glowing complexion.

      **Glycolic acid from sugarcane helps to reveal fresh new skin.

      How to Use

      After bathing or shower, apply over damp face, neck and body concentrating on most affected area. Use twice daily for optimal brightening.

      Caution: Avoid eye contact; discontinue if sign of irritation occurs.

      External use only.


      Radiant Glow

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